Ongoing projects

Batuz aldatu – Social consensus to influence language policies

The social consensus initiative to influence language policies promoted by Euskalgintzaren Kontseilua has taken the name of Batuz aldatu. It is time…

Geroa Euskaratik horizontala
Geroa euskaratik (The future from the Basque language)

Dynamics and measures to deal with the pandemic and give centrality to the Basque language

Sustainable development of language breathing spaces

Kontseilua has several projects up and running to guarantee the sustainable development of language breathing spaces, in other words, spaces where Basque…

Hizkuntza Eskubideak Bermatzeko
Protocol to Ensure Language Rights

In 2016 more than 100 organisations representing more than 30 minoritized languages reached agreement on the Protocol to Ensure Language Rights, thus…

Euskara Nafarroa
Development of the Basque language throughout Navarre

Kontseilua is working to make the Basque language official throughout Navarre, thus guaranteeing the language rights of all citizens and overcoming the…

Dynamics for spreading the Basque language in the socio-economic area

Initiatives for promoting the Basque lenguage in the work area

Studies and policy proposals

Kontseilua makes contributions and conducts studies in response to certain situations where the need to socialize discussions is observed, so that language…

International relations

Encouraging collaboration with representatives of other international minoritized languages is essential to achieve the recognition we deserve. Kontseilua has a long history…

Study of the Basque language brand and culture

This is a project that aims to analyse the marketing and promotion of a language, in this case, Basque. To this end,…

Some finished projects

Ikasle Euskaldun Eleaniztunak (2008)
Generating multilingual Basque students

In order to encourage new Basque multilingual generations, in 2008 Kontseilua presented a proposed study on the creation of Basque Multilingual Students….

Towards cost-free Basque language learning

In 2017 and 2018 Kontseilua presented the documents Doakotasuneranzko bidean/ Towards cost-free Basque language and Doakotasuneranzko bidean Nafarroan/ Towards cost-free Basque language…

Lan-mundua euskalduntzeko adierazpena (2013)
Declaration for the working and economic field

In 2013 Kontseilua drew up a proposal for spreading the Basque language in the socio-economic field. Lan mundua euskalduntzeko adierazpenak/ The Declaration…

Gentea goitik
Rating municipal language policies

In 2006, Kontseilua conducted the first analysis of municipal language policies with the participation of 66 local governments across Euskal Herria with…

The Euskaraz Bizi Nahi Dut Dynamic

The dynamic has its origin in the demonstration held on May 15, 2010 in Pamplona. Hundreds of citizens claimed the right to…

Bai Euskarari local agreement

In 2000 the Bai Euskarari agreement was extended to local governments. Firstly, pilot experiences were launched, and then, they were expanded. In…

XXI. mendeko akordioa Bai Euskarari (1998)
Bai Euskarari agreement

This is the agreement signed in 1998 by a broad spectrum of social sectors across Euskal Herria to normalise the Basque language….