Euskalgintzaren Kontseilua’s aim focuses on developing and ensuring an effective process in favour of the development of the normalisation of the Basque language in the socio-political, economic and cultural spheres of the Basque Country. So the main function of Kontseilua is to influence these processes through the direct development of projects as well as through the dissemination of specific proposals in various areas of influence.

Work lines

  • Language policies and administration: Kontseilua proposes effective language policies that favour the normalisation of the Basque language. To this end, it maintains direct dialogue with the administration, as well as with trade unions, and social and political players.
  • Language rights and social cohesion: Kontseilua works to guarantee the language rights of all citizens in the Basque Country by developing studies, projects and proposals in this respect.
  • Universalisation of the knowledge of Basque: Kontseilua works to guarantee the right of all citizens to learn and use Basque. To bring this about, it places special emphasis on education with the aim of producing multilingual Basque speakers. And it is also working to promote and increase the knowledge of Basque among adults.
  • Arnasguneak (language breathing spaces): In collaboration with various organisations, Kontseilua runs projects to analyse the factors that allow the spaces where Basque is predominant to develop, in other words, language breathing spaces.
  • Culture: Kontseilua promotes the full development of Basque culture in collaboration with the sector’s main organisations.
  • Socio-economic area: Since it is one of the key areas in the normalisation of the Basque language, Kontseilua develops a strategic line for the Basque language in the socio-economic area.
  • International area: Kontseilua works to inform international institutions about the situation of the Basque language and language rights, and it collaborates with European social organisations supporting other minoritized languages.