Euskalgintzaren Kontseilua has a professional and committed team which, in addition to carrying out the decisions taken by the Steering Committee, analyses the needs of each moment in terms of language policy in order to design and develop new dynamics. All this is done in collaboration with different entities and institutions.

Idurre Eskisabel Larrañaga


Paul Bilbao Sarria

Manex Mantxola Urrate


Amets Aranguren Arrieta

Project manager

Mikel Belar Imaz

Financing Manager

Aingeru Mimentza Sanchez

Leire Goñi Iradi

Communication Team

Elixabete Lazkoz Fernandes

Administrative Assistant

Amaia Apaolaza Goena

Administrative Assistant

Jose Jabier Igoa Portu

Own resources manager

Koldo Elizetxea Imaz

Promotion Technician

Andoni Sarasola Iarzabal

Promotion Technician